Welcome to NovatoSpirit!  We are a 501c3 nonprofit providing athletic scholarships to children with financial needs. Our mission is to give kids a healthy way to improve their physical and mental health through their own efforts.  Our nonprofit’s registered name is KarmaSpirit—evoking the idea that good efforts yield positive results—but we do business as NovatoSpirit to reflect the community we serve in Novato, Marin County, California. 

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Testimonials & Letters of Support

Now that I am in Tae Kwon Do I can really embrace myself. Before this, at school when I read out loud, people could barely hear me, because I was very shy. But now the whole class can hear me clear and strong.

My life has improved a lot by being more active and to not have fear (like talking in public). Also my grades (have improved). I am more sure about myself: I believe I can do it. I am getting straight A’s and I’ve been a person more organized at school and home. I have been to many assemblies that presented me to get on the honor roll. My family is very happy with all my achievements. I give thanks to NovatoSpirit!
— NovatoSpirit Tae Kwon Do Student

Testimonials from NovatoSpirit Participants

NovatoSpirit kids are very appreciative of their athletic scholarships.  They know that they have been given a gift—the chance to learn through movement, connect with their teachers, improve their health, and make new friends along the way. Many of these children and their parents have written heartfelt testimonials, explaining how NovatoSpirit has changed their lives for the better. 

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Letters of Support

Happily, we have also received letters of support from leaders of other organizations serving impoverished children.

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